The Boys Already Explained How Butcher & Hughie Can Keep Their Powers

The Boys season 3 teased Butcher & Hughie will die if they keep using Temp-V, but the show already explained how they can keep their powers and live.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for theboys season 3, episode 7!

Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell’s temporary powers are becoming more dangerous, but theboys already explained how they can keep them permanently. After not giving Butcher and the Boys superpowers in the first two seasons, Prime Video’s live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis’ comics finally included them in season 3. This came after the discovery that Vought invented Temp-V, which can give anyone superpowers for 24 hours. Billy and Hughie have become increasingly fond of their powers, but now they pose a great to threat them.

Since Temp-V is still a developmental drug of Vought’s, the all-powerful Supe company has not worked out all of the kinks just yet. Butcher and Hughie knew that it could be dangerous to use them, but theboys season 3, episode 7 revealed they could be lethal. Starlight discovered Vought’s research about Temp-V and learned that the superpower-giving drug proved to be lethal between someone’s third and fifth doses. That sets up the possibility of Butcher and Hughie dying, as they have both used the drug at least three times. The episode even ends with Billy and Hughie setting out to get more, despite Starlight’s warning to Butcher.


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The reveal that Temp-V is deadly after three to five doses means that either Butcher and Hughie will give up their abilities in the near future or that they are poised to die by remaining powerful. While it might seem that their deaths are right around the corner, theboys already revealed how they can keep their powers on a permanent basis. One of the subplots of theboys Season 2 was that Vought was experimenting with a way to give adults Compound V without killing them. These tests led to great casualties, but it was also confirmed that Vought cracked the code to give adults powers – as evident by Cindy in season 2. If Cindy’s powers can be permanent, then Butcher and Hughie can keep their powers by upgrading from Temp- V to regular Compound V

Jack Quaid as Hughie and Karl Urban as Butcher in The Boys

Although theboys has not addressed Cindy’s status since she was shown to be alive in season 2, the series has continued to build on the testing that took place at Sage Grove Center. The return of Love Sausage in season 3 indicates that he is also a success story for Vought’s testing of giving adults permanent powers. theboys season 3, episode 7 even spent a great deal of time on Kimiko getting her powers back in a similar fashion. She injected herself with Compound V again to regain her healing abilities. While it might have only worked on her because she previously had the Vought drug in her blood, Kimiko’s powers returning in full could inspire Butcher and Hughie to go all the way.

With this option on the table, the real question is whether or not Butcher and Hughie’s powers becoming permanent is something theboys wants to do. This would not only be a deviation from the comics, but it would also completely change the power dynamic of the show ahead of season 4. Butcher’s transformation into being even more like Homelander would continue, while Hughie’s powers could then split him and Starlight up. However, she might also have to be the one to acquire Compound V for them. In any case, theboys has a path to let Butcher and Hughie keep their powers despite the dangers of Temp-V.

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