The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The irony of this day, July 13, 2022, is that it’s going to be nearly impossible not to have a rough time, as we have several trickster transits at large, and most of them are not here to make us feel safe and sound. We may experience paranoia and insecurity in our love lives due to the influence of Venus trine Saturn.

We will surely say the wrong things at the most inopportune times, thanks to Mercury sextile Uranus. And while the Full Supermoon in Capricorn may have us able to make sense of it all, we’re still ‘going down.’

We can expect to see many people hurt their feelings today, but upon analysis, nothing has gone wrong.

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We only ‘think’ things are going wrong today, but that’s our mind at play; we succumb to the negativity that comes with Moon’s opposition Mercury, and we convince ourselves that all the good things in life are about to end as if!

What makes this a rough day is what’s going on internally rather than externally. Nobody is insulting or breaking up with us; we are not in danger, nor are we to blame for that or the other thing.

Our problem today is that we ‘think’ everything is falling apart, from our romances to our jobs to our health. We are stuck in the mind’s trap, which is what they call a ‘cosmic joke.’


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