Stock market losses wipe out $9 trillion from Americans’ wealth

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, September 26, 2022. Brendan McDermid | Reuters Falling stock markets have wiped out more than $9 trillion in wealth from US households, putting more pressure on family balance sheets and spending. Americans’ holdings of corporate equities and mutual fund shares … Read more

Christie’s launches ‘Department X’ as collectible sneakers, street-wear boom

Nike Unreleased Air Jordan VI Donda West Sneaker CHRISTIE’S IMAGES LTD. 2022 Christie’s is launching a new department to capitalize on the booming market for collectible sneakers, streetwear and sports history. The auction house on Monday announced its Department X, giving Air Jordans and Supreme skate decks their own category, alongside Impressionist & Modern Art … Read more

Government bond yields soar as markets weigh threat of a recession

Hoxton/Sam Edwards | Getty Images Bond yields jumped this week after another major rate hike from the Federal Reserve, flashing a warning for market distress. The policy-sensitive 2-year Treasury yield on Friday climbed to 4.266%, notching a 15-year high, and the benchmark 10-year Treasury reached 3.829%, the highest in 11 years. Soaring yields come as … Read more

What the inverted yield curve means for your portfolio

Morsa Images | E+ | Getty Images As investors digest another 0.75 percentage point interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, government bonds may be signaling distress in the markets. Ahead of news from the Fed, the policy-sensitive 2-year Treasury yield climbed to 4.006% on Wednesday, the highest level since October 2007, and the benchmark … Read more

How high inflation may affect which tax bracket you’re in next year

Jamie Grill | Getty Images As Americans grapple with soaring prices, experts say it’s likely we’ll see higher than usual inflation adjustments from the IRS for 2023 — covering tax brackets, 401(k) plan contribution limits and more. Built into the tax code, these yearly IRS changes aim to prevent so-called “bracket creep,” when inflation bumps … Read more

Billionaire Lukas Walton’s family office fans impact investing push

Builders Vision, the investing and philanthropy platform of billionaire Lukas Walton, has shifted its $1 billion endowment into what it calls “impact investments,” leading a broader shift in family offices to connect their investing and giving. Chicago-based Builders Vision will announce today that its Builders Initiative Foundation has moved 90% of its endowment into “mission-related” … Read more

“Woman-Ocher” de Kooning’s painting from theft to its return home

It was a heist that was as brazen as it was simple. On the morning of Nov. 29, 1985, a couple entered The University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson, Arizona. Within minutes, “Woman-Ocher” — a painting by the Dutch-American artist Willem de Kooning — was gone. The museum’s curator Olivia Miller described the … Read more

Why rising inflation is less likely to hurt some retirees

Sollina Images | Tetra Images | Getty Images Despite falling gas prices, inflation was higher than expected in August, curbing optimism for lower day-to-day expenses. But some retirees won’t feel the sting of elevated costs, experts say. Annual inflation rose by 8.3% in August, fueled by growing costs for food, shelter and medical care services, … Read more

Despite recession fears, most investors haven’t shifted 401(k) assets

Morsa Images | E+ | Getty Images Many investors worry a recession is coming amid rising interest rates, high inflation and stock market volatility. But the majority haven’t changed their portfolios, according to research from Fidelity Investments. Only 5% of 401(k) and 403(b) investors shifted asset allocations during the second quarter of 2022, the report … Read more

How to prepare your portfolio as interest rates continue to rise

dowell | moment | Getty Images After nearly eight months of market volatility, many investors still worry about rising interest rates and how those changes affect their portfolio. Some 88% of investors are concerned about rising inflation and interest rates, according to a JP Morgan Wealth Management study published Monday, polling more than 2,000 Americans, … Read more