Chess Champion Breaks Silence On ‘Anal Bead’ Cheat-gate

photo: Arun Sankar (Getty Images) After nearly a month of anal bead memes and chess drama, world champion Magnus Carlsen has finally opened up about his stunning defeat to 19-year-old grandmaster Hans Niemann and his shocking stunts that followed in the aftermath. Long story short: He thinks Niemann is a cheater, over the board and … Read more

Apex Legends Devs Are Sick Of Players Harassing Them

Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter this week with a statement condemning the “increased harassment” its employees have faced over the variety of issues plaguing the popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends. In the statement, Respawn said that while it “loves hearing feedback” from the community, attacking developers isn’t healthy constructive criticism. The studio continued saying … Read more

Twitch Bans Big Gambling Sites After Streamers Threaten Strike

image: Twitch / Kotaku / Victor Ward (Shutterstock) It’s been a rough 24 hours for people broadcasting in purple. After a scandal broke that a Twitch streamer had been scamming viewers and peers alike out of an alleged $200,000 to fund a Counter Strike: Global Offensive addiction, top personalities started exerting pressure on the live-streaming … Read more

Pokimane, Twitch Streamers May Strike After $200k Gambling Scam

Screenshot: Twitch / Mizkif On Saturday, a Twitch streamer named Abraham Mohammed, better known to viewers as Sliker, admitted that he had scammed fans and other content creators out of at least $200,000 to fund his Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling addiction. In response, big-name streamers such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, and … Read more

Elden Ring Twitch Streamer’s Drawing Tablet Run Is Ridiculous

Another day, another Elden ring challenge run. Since FromSoftware’s massively popular Soulslike dropped on February 25, Tarnished the world over have tackled the game in some absolutely nutty ways. But while beating it with a single hand other playing it with a harp are impressive, Twitch streamer Luality has been taking it to a whole … Read more

Rogue One’s Gary Whitta on His Unconventional New Sci-Fi Gundog

This fall, from the writer of Rogue One, The Book of Eliand After Earth, a brand new sci-fi adventure is on the way. Set in a future where Earth has been conquered by giant alien mechs, a young woman finds a map that might hold the key to saving humanity. Sounds cool right? Well, it’s … Read more

G4TV Hit With Major Layoffs Less Than A Year After Coming Back

photo: G4 TV At least somewhere between 20-30 staff members were laid off at G4TV today, according to three sources familiar with the business. The video game talk show network from the 2000s what resurrected last fall on streaming platforms like Twitch as well as cable TV, but now faces major upheaval less than a … Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto Accidentally Trolled Nintendo Direct Fans

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct was a much-hyped affair, with a whopping 40 minutes dedicated to the Japanese company’s portable console and its games. Most people kept their expectations somewhat in check for this, because Nintendo said that the event would largely focus on products coming out this holiday season. But that still … Read more

How To Watch The Next Jam-Packed Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Screenshot: Nintendo There’s going to be a Nintendo Direct on Tuesday morning, September 13th, at 10 am ET, Nintendo has just announced. It’s going to be a big one, too, with an estimated clock time of 40 minutes. We’re hoping we’ll get to hear about some of the bigger games Nintendo has been silent on … Read more

Sekiro God’s 100% No-Damage Run Was Three Years In Making

And they said it couldn’t be done…Screenshot: FromSoftware No-hit runs in games—a kind of self-imposed challenge where you take zero damage from enemies—are nothing newespecially for tough-as-nails titles like Dark Souls. but Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Twitch streamers and YouTubers TheUrbanOrb has taken that feat to the extreme, and after more than three years of … Read more