Social Security adds safety protocols as visitors face long wait times

A Social Security Administration office in Sebring, Florida. Jeff Greenberg | Universal Images Group | Getty Images The agency’s service difficulties date back to before the pandemic, said Maria Freese, senior legislative representative at the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. “The Social Security Administration has been underfunded, shortchanged for over a decade … Read more

What to know if you are unretired

Kelvin Murray | Getty Images A combination of record high prices and a record number of job openings has been encouraging more retirees to go back to work. The trend, called “unretirement,” rebounded this spring to pre-pandemic levels. About two-thirds, or 68%, of retirees would consider returning to work, according to a recent CNBC All-America … Read more

7 changes Americans are willing to make to fix Social Security

zimmytws | iStock | Getty Images There are just 13 years before Social Security may not be able to pay full benefits, according to a recent annual report from the program’s trustees. In 2035, just 80% of benefits will be payable if Congress doesn’t fix the program sooner. Shoring up the program will generally mean … Read more

13 ‘stupid simple’ habits I used to save $1 million and retire early at 35

I will remember December 23, 2016 for the rest of my life. It was my last day working a full-time job. My wife and I retired early at 33 and 35, respectively, after accumulating $870,000 working in information technology. With the help of the market, our net worth increased to $1 million shortly after. I … Read more

Social Security cost-of-living adjustment could be 10.5% in 2023

Kevin Dietsch | Getty Images Social Security beneficiaries will be in line to receive a record high cost-of-living adjustment in 2023 due to inflation. The question is exactly how high it may be. Based on new consumer price index data for June released Wednesday, The Senior Citizens League, a nonpartisan senior group, now estimates the … Read more

Protecting Social Security from inflation high on voters’ wish lists

A Social Security Administration office in San Francisco. Getty Images The clock is ticking when it comes to implementing changes to shore up Social Security’s funds, which will not be able to pay full benefits in 13 years’ time. Potential voters are aware of the program’s woes, according to a June survey by Social Security … Read more