Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Struggles with Brooke’s Lie about CPS Call

In Ridge’s living room, Walter panics at the idea that anyone would ever find out that he played the recording. Thomas and Ridge assure him no one will find out. Ridge can’t believe it was Brooke. Thomas recaps that she even said her name. “Your wife called Child Protective Services on me. She’s trying to … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge Hears a Voice Recording of Brooke Calling CPS

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Brooke, on the phone, that he hates questioning her, but she’s been saying for a long time that Thomas isn’t fit to raise Douglas. Thomas mutters, “She did this.” Ridge continues, “Just tell me, did you do this? Did you call CPS on my son?” More: B&B star addresses … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Ridge and Thomas Reel as Child Protective Services Arrive

In Taylor’s office, Steffy’s appalled to hear that Brooke said her brother Thomas is dangerous and exclaims, “When will she let up?!?” Taylor complains the attacks are just getting worse and worse. Steffy gasps, “Come on, woman.” She feels Brooke thrives on conflict and has always had issues with Thomas and her. Taylor thinks it’s … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Sheila Watches as Deacon Meets Nikki Newman

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas intones, “I’m serious, Brooke. Keep it up,” while holding the apple-cutting knife. Brooke thinks that sounds like a threat. Thomas promises she’ll never interfere with his father’s life or family ever again. More: B&B star takes cute son for a ride At the cliff house, Taylor and Ridge are in … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Thomas Holds a Knife While Arguing with Brooke

At the cliff house, Taylor interrupts Finn and Steffy kissing for the umpteenth time. After Steffy gets in another round of telling Taylor she should get back together with Ridge, Taylor takes her to task and says Brooke came around to complain about her sabotaging her marriage. Steffy thinks she did dad a favor — … Read more

Bold & Beautiful Recap: Taylor Tells Brooke Ridge Loves Them Both

“Enough is enough,” declares Brooke, picking up her conversation with Taylor where it left off in yesterday’s episode. She’s totally and completely over Steffy coming between her and Ridge. “She crossed the line! She wouldn’t let me talk to my own husband!” Brooke calls the behavior immature and disrespectful, prompting Taylor’s hackles to go up. … Read more

Young & Restless: Diane Receives a Cryptic Text as Talia Morgan’s Shut Down

At the Abbott estate, Traci tells Kyle that a hometown wedding reception will be super romantic. She guesses he’s trying to keep this a surprise for his bride. They change the topic to hockey as Summer walks in. She immediately guesses they are covering something up and ask what’s really going on. Summer assumes it’s … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Steffy and Finn are Reunited in Monte Carlo Outside a Church

In Monaco, Finn rushes down the steps to a woman he believes to be Steffy, but the woman isn’t her and is quickly joined by her protective boyfriend and ushered away. More: We suspected this B&B fake-out In their hotel suite, Taylor and Ridge enthuse about Finn being reunited with the kids — the whole … Read more

Bold & Beautiful: Quinn Carter Make Love As Sheila Kills Finn Again!

Freshly home from the wedding, Hope tells Liam that the wedding sort of imploded at the altar. She catches him up on what went down, and he admits he knew something must have happened. Why? He’d received a text from Bill saying, “Weddings with the Forresters are never boring.” On the bright side, Liam adds, … Read more