Hollywood Learned All the Wrong Lessons From ‘Avatar’

When the director James Cameron was working on avatar, he was holding the biggest bargaining chip imaginable. His last major feature, 1997’s titanicwhich was the most successful film in Hollywood history, overcoming its budgetary woes and behind-the-scenes drama to become a box-office phenomenon unlike any other. avatar was another risky bet in theory, an original … Read more

Billy Eichner made a great rom-com. Now its audiences’ turn.

NEW YORK (AP) — At the Toronto International Film Festival world premiere of “Bros,” Billy Eichner exhorted the crowd to keep cheering. “Keep it going!” implored Eichner. “I want a longer ovation than ‘The Whale! ‘” In the whistle-stop lead-up to the release of “Bros,” Eichner has worked tirelessly to whip audiences into a frenzy … Read more

A doc from the Disney family takes aim at the Mouse House

NEW YORK (AP) — Abigail E. Disney has been critical of the company that bears her name before. But for the first time, Disney, the granddaughter of co-founder Roy O. Disney, has put her views into the medium the Mouse House was built on: a movie. In the new documentary “The American Dream and Other … Read more

Timothee Chalamet Cannibal Road Trip Movie

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell star in Bones and All.image: MGM Bones and All is a movie that defies easy categorization. It’s the latest film from Luca Guadagninothe director of Call Me By Your Name other suspiria, who to date has quite the pristine reputation. It stars Timothée Chalamet, one of the biggest young stars … Read more

Alan Rickman’s diaries reveal his opinions about Harry Potter

Alan Rickmanphoto: Chris Jackson (Getty Images) Severus Snape was always (no Harry Potter pun intended) a controversial figure in the HB fandom. hey what a spiteful bully of children and former wizard Nazi, but he also had a big crush on Harry’s mom and dedicated his life to fighting evil in her memory. It’s hard … Read more

Spirited Away US release’s 20th: Revisiting Miyazaki’s opus

Chihiro and No Face in Spirited Away photo: 2001 Studio Ghibli-NDDTM (Getty Images) There’s a moment early on in Spirited Away that sticks with me after countless viewings and many years. Plucky ponytailed 10-year-old protagonist Chihiro breaks down by a river after losing her parents—and the human world she recognizes—in a bathhouse for the spirits. … Read more

‘Avatar’ returns to theaters as Disney hypes James Cameron’s long-delayed sequel

avatar Source: Walt Disney Studios The Na’vi return to the big screen this weekend as Disney looks to reignite interest in its newly acquired Avatar franchise, three months before the debut of the long-delayed sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water.” Bringing the highest-grossing film of all time back to theaters has two purposes for Disney: … Read more

James Bond producers reveal if Idris Elba considered for 007

The James Bond producers are searching for a new 007, and it appears Idris Elba could still be in the running — if he wants it. Talk of Elba being the next James Bond has been going on for years, and he’s even seemingly denied wanting to take on the role. Now, producers Barbara Broccoli … Read more

Director and Pinhead Actor Interview

Jamie Clayton as a new version of a horror icon.image: Spyglass Media Group the new Hellraiser arrives on Hulu next month, and fans of Clive Barker’s horror franchise are eagerly waiting to see what DirectorDavid Bruckner does to differentiate his film from the many series entries that’ve come before. One big change that makes this … Read more

Watching ‘Spirited Away’ Again, and Again – The Atlantic

Spirited Away came out in 2001, when I was 8. After watching it in a Japanese cineplex, I stumbled out into a wall of late-summer heat, shaken by what I had just seen: the grotesque transformation of parents into pigs, the vomiting of faceless monsters , the evolution of a sniveling girl to a brave … Read more