How Bungie’s 15 Year Old Shooter Defined Triple-A Games

image: Microsoft/Bungie These days, the Blockbuster Game, a release from a major publisher that’s hoping to be an event that occupies everyone’s attention and Game of the Year discussions, is an institution. It’s easy to tell what such a game is in its current state, as it’s typically about fathers trying to connect with their … Read more

Apex Legends Devs Are Sick Of Players Harassing Them

Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter this week with a statement condemning the “increased harassment” its employees have faced over the variety of issues plaguing the popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends. In the statement, Respawn said that while it “loves hearing feedback” from the community, attacking developers isn’t healthy constructive criticism. The studio continued saying … Read more

Huge Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Shows Woman Lead Driving, Shooting

image: Rockstar Games A user on GTA Forumswho claims to have also been behind the recent hack of Uberhas just dumped nearly 100 videos online claiming to show development footage of Rockstar’s grand theft auto VI, which are currently circulating across pretty much every social media platform. Matching much of what Bloomberg reported earlier this … Read more

Bringing Yakuza’s Kiryu Back In Like A Dragon 8 Is Silly

How many times do you need to say goodbye, old man?Screenshot: Sega Last night, we finally got a look at the next mainline game in the yakuza series, Like a Dragon 8and the announcement trailer immediately had folks online racing to assemble Memes poking fun at the youthful new hairdo of the series’ longtime, stalwart … Read more

4 Easy Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips To Level Friendship Fast

image: gameloft Friendship is important all the time, even in the farming sim Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here, raising friendship levels rewards you with new locations, characters, and items like gray overalls—because the true meaning of friendship is when an unblinking Mickey Mouse iteration rewards you with unisex clothing, I’m afraid. And as gamers, we have … Read more

Disney Might Go All-in on Sports Betting App

Disney has had to justify its ownership of ESPN to some investors, but apparently the massive media corporation is planning to use the brand as a vehicle for a sports betting TIMOTHY A.CLARY/AFP (Getty Images) Disney’s doing more than expanding its increasingly voluminous empire into all aspects of media, it’s now thinking of getting … Read more

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Ooblets

image: glowerland Anyone who has spoken to me in the last week knows that I am slowly losing my grip on reality due to the presence of rats in my apartment. The only thing keeping me from confronting the greasy creatures with a tactical vest made of rat coronavirus spike proteins and knives is Oobletsthe … Read more

Rumbleverse Is A Battle Royale With No Guns, And I Suck At It

image: Epic Games / Iron Galaxy Rumbleverse is the latest entry in a prospective Endless list of free-to-play battle royale games. However, this latest spin on the aging format is more creative and interesting than I expected, as Rumbleverse ditches the usual SMGs, shotguns, and grenades for wrestling grapples, melee combos, and high-flying elbow drops. … Read more

Apex Legends Casuals Think Pros Are Ruining The Game

Apex Legends kicked off its fourthteenth season, hunted, this month. The latest content update adds a bunch of stuff to the game, including another playable character, tweaks to the OG Kings Canyon map, and a level cap increase. While this should be—and likely is—an exciting time for players of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter, the … Read more

29 Years Later, Mod Completely ‘Voxelizes’ Doom

gif: id Software / Cheello / Kotaku File this one under “mods you probably thought already existed.” With Voxel Doomyou can now play the legendary 1993 first person shooter doom with all the monsters and items rendered in beautifully chunky, 3D voxels. While smaller-scope voxel mods have existed in the past, this one replaces just … Read more