Ranbir Kapoor says he does not want Alia Bhatt to ‘sacrifice her dreams’ after embracing motherhood: ‘She’s a busy star’

Ranbir Kapoor is on cloud nine at the moment. The actor is promoting his upcoming release Shamshera and is set to embrace fatherhood soon. on saturday, Ranbir interacted with a group of journalists at Mumbai’s YRF Studios and shared his excitement about the ongoing phase of his life.

Ranbir got married to his longtime girlfriend, actor Alia Bhatt in April and recently, the couple announced their pregnancy. Ranbir said that while he is “not prepared” to be a father yet, he is “thrilled, excited.” “(I) always wanted children, me and alias have been talking about children ever since we met. We want to have lots of children in life, how much ever we can afford. She is back tonight, I am going to see her after two months, so we have lots of talking and planning (to do). We’ve been on the phone every day, dreaming about the future, what it’s going to be like. But till the day it happens, I don’t know how it’s going to be, but I am so excited,’ shared Ranbir.

Ranbir then shared that he and Alia did a few mock interviews among themselves as they knew that Ranbir would be asked about fatherhood while promoting Shamshera. “I knew I’d be asked this question a lot as I promote Shamshera. So I had rehearsed a lot with Alia too. Ahe was asking me, ‘Ranbir, aap pita banne wale ho, aap kya kehna chaahte ho?’ (Ranbir, you are going to be a father. How do you feel about it?) but these were just words, and I can’t describe the real feeling that I am feeling inside me. I am very happy and very excited, and very nervous, I am terrified also, but I am very grateful,” he said.

The Jagga Jasoos actor said that he has “never experienced this emotion” in his life. He said, “I’ve experienced different emotions, but this is one emotion that completely fills your heart. Jo ho raha hai, kya ho raha hai, itni jaldi ho raha hai. (Something is happening, what is happening, it’s happening too soon). Are we prepared? Will I be able to hold my child properly?” Ranbir said that he is scared to hold a baby. He said, “Now also when I hold a baby I am so scared. I don’t know how to cradle a baby while keeping its neck and back safe. I’ve been taking tips from Karan (Malhotra, Shamshera director) as he’s had a baby during the pandemic.”

Ranbir said that he does not Alia to “sacrifice her dreams” after having a baby. The Sanju actor explained that she and Alia grew up in a time when their fathers were working away and hence, they were largely raised by their mothers. Ranbir said that he wants to be a more hands-on parent with his baby and him and Alia have been discussing it for a while.

“Alia and I have been talking about it for some time now, how we’re going to share our responsibilities and how we’re going to share our time. We grew up in a generation where our fathers were quite busy with work and were not around us, so more or less we’ve been brought up by our mothers, so we were close to our mothers. I want to have a different dynamic with my children, I want them to be close to me also,” he said. Ranbir added, “Alia is a very busy working star in this film industry and I don’t want her to sacrifice her dreams because she has a child. So we have to plan somewhere out a balanced life where we both can enjoy our personal life and our professional life, so it is one day at a time, one step at a time, but I have a lot of expectations from it.”

With Ranbir moving on to a different phase in his personal life, he was asked if this era will see him move away from ‘coming-of-age’ films to ‘massy’ films. Ranbir said that he is not consciously planning anything of the kind but is looking forward to a diverse bouquet of films.

He said, “An actor gets an array of offers and opportunities to choose best from the lot.” Among the upcoming films, the audience has seen some promotional material for Shamshera and Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra. Ranbir spoke about his other films and said, “Luv Ranjan’s film is a feel-good romantic comedy family film. The film is hilarious, it will make you cry, give you a warm smile.” Talking about Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal, Ranbir said, “Animal is probably the most shocking character I’ve got to play in my entire career, nobody would expect me to play a part like that. It has shades of extreme grey.”

He added, “They all are risky films, they are not sure-shot films, but I’ve always been excited to be doing something risky, something big. If you really want to hit it big in life, you really want to make a difference then you have to take that risk. If you don’t take that risk, you can find success in something, but to really get success, you have to take the risk.”


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