3 Takeaways from NBA Summer League for the Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers won the 2022 NBA Summer League championship in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. The victory capped a 4-1 run through the tournament, a fine—though not entirely unexpected—showing for a talented, veteran club. Portland didn’t win the Summer League crown with dazzling displays of individual brilliance. Instead they locked down with steady … Read more

‘Destiny 2’ Is Buffing Exotics With Anti-Champion Abilities, But Which Ones?

destiny 2 Bungie As we are about a month away from season 18 here, I was recently reminded that Destiny 2 is supposed to deliver an update alongside Arc 3.0 that will give a new slate of exotics intrinsic anti-champion abilities. While exotics can now be anti-champion through armor mods, which did not used to … Read more

Prince Harry delivers UN address honoring Nelson Mandela

Prince Harry blasted freedoms in his new home, the US, Monday in an address to the United Nations in New York City — as he warned of a “global assault on democracy and freedom.” The runaway UK royal was delivering a keynote speech to the UN General Assembly in honor of the late South African … Read more

Netflix investors brace for subscriber losses as company builds for long term

Jakub Porzycki | Nurphoto | Getty Images Netflix reports its second-quarter earnings Tuesday, and the run-up feels like hurricane preparation. A storm is coming. It’s probably going to be bad. Shareholders are praying the foundation is sturdy enough to withstand the damage. Netflix remains the world’s largest streaming service, but the company reported its first … Read more

The Pokémon Company Needs Someone To Help Archive Pokémon History

Image: The Pokemon Company Update: Aaaand it looks like the position has been taken already, according to this message that pops up when you visit the careers page: Image: The Pokemon Company Sorry folks! Okay, this must be a dream job for someone out there, right? The Pokémon Company International is looking for someone to … Read more

What to expect as Morgan Stanley warns of ‘streaming recession’

Netflix (NFLX) is set to report its fiscal second quarter earnings on Tuesday after market close as the company battles ongoing inflationary pressures, increased competition, and an uptick in subscriber churn. Here’s what Wall Street expects, according to Bloomberg consensus estimates: Revenue: $8.05 billion expected Adj. earnings per share (EPS): Expected $2.99 Subscribers: Loss of … Read more