Lose weight without carbohydrates

Lose weight without carbohydrates
Lose weight without carbohydrates

Lose weight without carbohydrates – the so-called low-carb diets set with a protein-emphasized diet for success.

Lose weight without carbohydrates
Lose weight without carbohydrates


Lose Weight without carbohydrates – a diet concept with success?

Already in the 19th century, losing weight without carbohydrates was propagated as successful by various nutritionists. A protein-emphasized diet without carbohydrates was supposed to have a positive influence on health and, in addition, to serve weight loss. The American physician Robert Atkins had with his Atkins Diät the idea of a fat meat Diät without coal hydrates to facilitate the decrease. Today there are various forms of low-carbohydrate diets, which are often referred to as low-carb diets. The representatives of the low-carb diets assume that a carbohydrate load in the diet has negative effects on health. Thus, a carbohydrate-rich diet is more likely to lead to obesity and the development of diseases of civilization, such as diabetes mellitus. In recent times, this low-carb movement is especially popular among the rich and beautiful. Stars like to boast about their “in-shape figure”, which they maintain – usually with the active support of personal diet coaches. The theoretical basis of this form of nutrition is the assumption that a disturbed metabolism is the cause of obesity. Over the limited coal hydrate supply these disturbances can be repaired presumably and mobilized superfluous fat reserves.


Is it even possible to get by without carbohydrates to lose weight?

Carbohydrates are energy supplier number one – power nutrients for our muscles and mental performance. A diet entirely without carbohydrates is almost impossible. It is recommended that a minimum of 100 grams of carbohydrates be consumed daily to prevent the body from utilizing protein from the muscles to maintain blood sugar levels. A lack of carbohydrates is manifested by poor concentration and insufficient physical performance. Losing weight without carbohydrates – i.e. with a protein-emphasized diet – does not involve completely doing without carbohydrates. However, such a diet follows the theory that carbohydrate-rich foods are a burden on the pancreas as an insulin-producing organ in the long run. Particularly sweets, white flour products, and soft drinks lead with a high glycemic index to a rapid blood sugar rise after the food admission. This results in a correspondingly high insulin release. Blood sugar levels drop following this, leading to hunger attacks. In the long run, this cycle strains the pancreas and leads to increased food intake. In addition, insulin blocks the body’s fat breakdown and prevents fat deposits from melting away.


Suitable recipes for the low-carb diet to lose weight:

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