Kyle Richards apologized to Sutton for miscarriage accusation

Kyle Richards claims she has made amends with Sutton Stracke after accusing her of lying about previous miscarriages.

“I immediately called Sutton and apologized to her,” the actress, 53, wrote on her Instagram Story Tuesday of her heated conversation with the fashion designer, 50, in this week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“I consider Sutton a close friend and care about her a lot,” she continued. “Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on.”

In a sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode, Diana Jenkins told her new co-stars about a recent pregnancy loss, leading Stracke to mention her own previous miscarriages.

“I’m so sorry that you lost your baby,” Stracke said to Jenkins, 48, in the scene. “I’m just trying to reach out to you because I understand this in a way. I’ve lost two babies.”

Richards asked, “You’ve lost two babies? I’ve never heard this before.”

“Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on,” Richards wrote via Instagram.



“Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on,” Richards wrote via Instagram.


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When Stracke doubled down, calling her “two miscarriages” a “very personal thing,” Richards replied, “I love you, but this feels like bulls–t. … You’re going to say you lost two babies? Out of the blue, you say that. We don’t know that!”

Stracke called Richards’ implication the “meanest thing” the “Halloween” star had “ever said” to her.

Erika Jayne, Garcelle Beauvais, Diana Jenkins, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke and Lisa Rinna on a red carpet.
Richards also apologized for laughing at Erika Jayne cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ son.
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“[It’s] breaking my heart and disappointing me in our friendship,” Stracke said.

Richards told her Instagram followers Tuesday that after thinking about Stracke’s confession, she realized that “maybe Sutton was sharing her story with Diana to connect with her in some way.”

The “Little House on the Prairie” alum explained that she spoke out because she thought Stracke was trying to take Jenkins’ “moment.”

“I obviously had had a few drinks and didn’t express myself clearly & I was disappointed in the way I handled myself altogether,” she wrote, also referencing the backlash she has received for laughing at Erika Jayne cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ teenage son .

“I was laughing about a friend’s drunken, ridiculous behavior,” Richards insisted in an Instagram comment. “NOT about disrespecting someone’s child.

“I think you know me better than that by now,” she added. “I wasn’t even there to see this and only heard about Erika and what she had said later.”


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