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Like the previous God of War, Ragnarok will have you upgrading your main weapons over the course of your adventure with Kratos. Doing so will not only let you deal more damage to you opponents, but it instrumental increasing your overall Power Level. This page contains information on all the ways you can upgrade the Leviathan Ax in God of War Ragnarok.


Upgrading the Axe

While you do gain experience from combat encounters and quests, experience does not measure Kratos’ overall level – rather, it is a type of currency only used to unlock skills in your skill tree, as well as upgrading abilities like your Runic Attacks and Spartan Rage . Instead, upgrading both your weapons and main equipment (like armor and weapon attachments) will measure your overall power level (seen in the top left corner when in the menu).

The Leviathan Ax starts back at level 1 when you first begin your adventure, and is also tied to unlocking further skills in the Leviathan Ax Skill Tree – all the way to the level 6 upgrade.

level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 level 6 level 7 level 8 level 9
+10 STR +25 STR +40 STR +55 STR +70 STR +85 STR +100 STR +115 STR +130 STR

In order to upgrade the Leviathan Axe, you will need to find unique resources – either a Frozen Flame, or by finding 6 Frozen Sparks (which will automatically become a Frozen Flame).

Where to Find Frozen Flame

Fortunately, many of the Frozen Flame can be found as you progress the story, allowing Kratos to naturally upgrade his power level over the course of the game even if you don’t explore off the beaten path. However, those who wish to maximize their power will want to take on optional challenges, which you can see from the list below:


The very first upgrade you can get for the ax is part of the story – and it’s an early one. During the Surviving Fimbulwinter quest, you’ll return to a Jotnar Shrine in the Upper Wildwoods, only to be ambushed by a mini-boss fight. Defeat this Stalker, and the resource will be yours.

The next upgrade you can find is also story-based, but you won’t get it until reaching Alfheim. During the Groa’s Secret main story, you’ll be attacked by a Light Elf Commander named Alva as you try to leave Alfheim’s Temple of Light. Defeat this fearsome foe, and you’ll gain another Frozen Flame. Be sure to see our strategy for defeating Alva if you’re having trouble.


This upgrade will be found much later in the story, during Chapter 6 – The Reckoning, upon your first visit to the realm of Vanaheim. Once you reach your main objective far in the north at the Abandoned Village, you’ll have to face off against the fierce serpent known as Nidhogg. Defeat it, and you’ll earn a Frozen Flame for your trouble – and be sure to check out guide if you’re having trouble!

Another upgrade you can’t miss in a later Chapter 12 – Reunion, as you’ll travel through the realm of Helheim only to have a Hel-Traveler Miniboss blocking your path to the goal. These extremely armored brutes must be handled with care, as they can shrug off most attacks and fight with nearly unstoppable swings of their sword. Whittle down it’s armor and then drive your weapons home to take back a Frozen Flame for yourself.

More Frozen Flame locations will be coming soon!

Unlike the main upgrade, a Frozen Spark by itself won’t upgrade your axe. Think of it instead like a Piece of Heart – you’ll need enough fragments to form a full resource to make use of: six, to be exact. Luckily, you can find them all by undertaking a specific Side Quest Labor that appears later in the story.


Unlike tracking down The Hateful for the individual Chaos Sparks that are optional encounters all across the realms, the first two Frozen Sparks can’t be missed, as they are tied to the main story until you unlock the side quest Favor to track down the rest .

The very first is unlocked at the tail end of Chapter 11 – Unleashing Hel and into Chapter 12 – Reunion when you arrive back at Sindri’s House to find all Hel breaking loose. After defeating waves and waves of Hel-Walkers, Atreus will close the first gate, and you can check the remnants of the collapsed gate to find the loot that includes your first Frozen Spark.

Like the first Frozen Spark, you’ll have to get rid of this Hel Tear as part of the main story before you get the Side Quest to go close the rest of them. You’ll find it early in Chapter 12 – Reunion in The Gleaming Bale as soon as you leave the first region of Helgrind behind and approach a series of large bridges. Like before, you’ll need to keep the waves of level 4 and 5 Hel Walkers focused on you and away from Atreus before he can collapse the gate to get your Frozen Spark prize. This will start the Hel to Pay Side Quest Favor to track down the rest after you leave Helheim behind.

More coming soon!

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