Sky: Children Of Light – How To Unlock The Adorable Dog Pet

Unlock The Adorable Dog Pet -There’s an adorable ride-able dog in Sky: Children of Light, and new players really need to know about it. Made by the same folks that developed Journey, Sky: Children of Light is a free-to-play social exploration game that’s now available for everyone on the Nintendo Switch. We just had to dive in and try this weird little game out for ourselves, and we’ve found plenty of secrets to uncover. And this secret requires solving a mysterious puzzle.

Early players discovered the hidden room in Daylight Prairie — but completing the puzzle challenge is a little trickier. You’ll need eight players to work together. Not easy in a game where you can’t communicate with just anyone. To unlock chat options, you need to friend a player. Then you need to unlock options on their constellation when interacting with them. You can also enter chat with anyone that sits at a candle bench with you, but that’s pretty rare. And you need a whole eight people working together!

You can download Sky: Children of Light free on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

How To Reach The Secret Puzzle Room

Travel to Daylight Prairie and reach the final area before the temple. Go to the far-right corner to find the Butterfly Gates. To open these gates, you need two players performing the Butterfly Emote at the same time. This leads to an area with eight light switches — you’ll need eight players to activate all eight switches to access the secret puzzle room.

Oreo is your reward for completing this secret puzzle. [Image Source]

How To Solve The 8-Player Puzzle

Lighting all the light switches at once leads you to another grassy area with a high platform and a ring of candles around a large stone.

  • To solve the puzzle, you need eight players to perform the Butterfly Emote at each of the candle stations. Everyone needs to do this at the same time — and you need to hold the Butterfly Emote in place for a long time.

For completing this puzzle, you’ll earn Oreo, the mountable dog! Everyone gets him, and he’s an incredible reward. The trickiest part of this puzzle is just getting eight players to use all the candles without moving. You need to wait and wait — a lot of times, players will just wander off.

Unlock The Adorable Dog Pet

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