Sky: Children Of Light – How To Earn More Hearts

-How To Earn More Hearts- Once you start finding spirits in Sky: Children of Light, you’ll probably start wondering — what’s the deal with the little hearts? Each spirit has a constellation of unlockables, and you need to spend different currencies to get those valuable items like new outfits, masks, hairstyles, emotes, and more.

Your first and most common currency is Candles, which you’ll use to make friends and interact with just about anything in the game world. Hearts are different. You can’t buy hearts with real-world currency. You can only earn hearts by making friends.

Hearts aren’t required to progress, but we all want them for customization unlockables. To get hearts, you need to make as many friends as possible — daily, you can give your friends hearts, and they can give you hearts.

Understanding how the heart system works is pretty dang important for new players, and we’re going to break it all down — and include a little trick you can use to earn hearts every day. One a day is better than none for solo players!

You can download Sky: Children of Light free on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.

How To Earn Hearts | Currency Beginner’s Guide

Hearts aren’t earned — they’re only given. By interacting with other players, you can friend them by spending a Candle — or they can friend you if you’re lucky. Every day, players can give 1 heart. You can also give light. Here’s a quick rundown of what all the symbols mean.

  • Star In The Center W/ White Outline: This symbol means you’ve sent a friend your daily light and they have not yet collected it.
  • Star In The Center W/ Gold Outline: This means you’ve sent a friend daily light, and they have collected it.
  • Rotating Gold Star: This means your friend is currently online.
  • Three Center Gold Stars: This means your friend has sent you light. So collect it!
  • Center Heart: This means your friend has sent you a heart.

There are two ways you can earn Hearts — friends can give you a daily Heart that you need to log-in and collect, or you can purchase one Hearts for each Spirit on their Constellation. That only gives you a limited number of hearts, though.

To earn more Hearts, you need to make more friends and you need to reward them with free Hearts daily. If you’re nice to as many people as possible, they’re bound to be nice to you

— the only trick is, they need to be active players. Only active players can give / receive Hearts daily. Otherwise they’ll just sit uncollected.

There is another way. You can also create a second account. If you have an iOS / Android, you can create a separate account for free with a different name. Then, you just need to friend yourself and you can give your main character daily hearts.

It’s only one Heart per day, but you can enhance the amount by creating multiple free accounts. I don’t exactly recommend this option, it does feel like cheating, but if you’re a solo player and don’t know anyone else that plays, this is at least an option you can use to guarantee one Heart per day.

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